An Engineering student who chose her traditional career by scoring an IT job in an MNC just after finishing her UG.

She had no clue what was going to happen when she started her Blog & Youtube channel in the year of 2019.
It was slow when she started and she has gone through a hell lot of emotional drama and lost control over her life.
She had to loose a lot of important people to do things freely and to do what actually makes her feel SATISFIED.
She channeled her pain & energy where it actually belonged.
People started accepting her and poured a lot of love which she never experienced in her entire life.
Her dressing style, fabric selection & Styling tips on social media made people to ask her to sell them online.
That is when she started her store on Instagram.
She started everything with her 1st ruffle saree which she made for herself to wear to an office event.
That one ruffle saree entirely changed her life.
Now she has morethan 28.9K followers on Instagram and decided to grow by moving it to the website.
Navya Dachepally is all about simple designs and variety of fabrics.
Its a one stop destination for all things simple & a lot of florals.
“I am not a professional but people do like my style and here I am selling my personal style & variety of fabric collections”, Says Navya

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